Tianyun Gao: The University of Bridgeport

After getting her bachelors of science in telecommunications engineering from Jilin University, Tianyun Gao was accepted to the University of Bridgeport’s electrical engineering, alternative energy, and distributed system and network security programs. While in attendance from 2008 to 2010, Tianyun Gao gained valuable research experience that has helped shape her future in programming and engineering.

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao’s research experience includes the analysis of income and the risk that is involved into a financial investment process. She was able to create practical designs of a FIR filter in MATLAB and C++. She was also able to gain experience working with green buildings utilizing hydrogen and solar energy. She also contributed to the design of smart power grid systems that enabled the efficient use of energy sources and contributed to energy harvesting by using a patch array for wireless energy sensors.

As a part of the University of Bridgeport’s distributed system and network security program, Tianyun Gao was able to contribute to a cross-layer design for wireless networks. She created an ad hoc network-transfer-mode-switcher that enabled her to contribute to the creation of an enforcement system architecture. Her work provided security for the interconnection of social network applications. This research and experience has allowed her to become efficient in policy-based security control for social networking and creating trust to reduce malicious behavior in MANET.

Tianyun Gao has also had the opportunity to represent the University of Bridgeport during the Hydrogen Education Foundation’s annual Hydrogen Student Design Contest. She placed 6th in the United States with a team of disciplinarily diverse students, working on projects that tested the creativity and knowledge of hydrogen energy in the areas of engineering, economics, environmental science, business, and marketing.


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