Tianyun Gao: Canon USA

Soon after her time with NYU, Tianyun Gao began working with Canon USA in New York during March of 2012. She maintained the same title of Business System Analyst from her prior gig, but her responsibility increased in tandem with her experience level increasing as well. Her duties consisted of the review and reproduction of various system and programming code, developing new systems for more efficient data transfer, creating new systems for better cataloguing, and producing shell scripting that created automatic system services..

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao used her knowledge of reviewing and reproducing ASP code and created a web application that could be used by business customers of Canon to view and register product model numbers and disclosure via the Mercury system. She also developed back-end Mercury systems through the use of C++ and Pro*C. Her work allowed efficient data transfer between the Canon America’s Mercury system and the Canon Inc. Master Mercury system in Japan.

Tianyun Gao also developed an Oracle database using the PLSQL of the Mercury system that catalogued products with detailed item and model number information that could be transferred between the Mercury system and other Canon systems. Alongside these developments, Tianyun Gao produced Unix bash/corn shell scripts that allowed back-end process operation, system checking, and the scheduling of various auto-system jobs. Lastly, Tianyun Gao was successfully able to carry out batch data loading through the use of the Perl programming language that also allowed for the system to automatically conduct performance tuning and reporting on its own.


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