Tianyun Gao: Bank of Communications

At the beginning of 2010’s spring season, Tianyun Gao began working for the Bank of Communications’ IT department in New York City as a software engineer. Using her vast knowledge of programming language, such as C, C++, and C#, Tianyun Gao was responsible for designing a brand new confirmation system that was used to confirm the pricing on various settlements within the company. Because of her expertise in utilizing JAVA and the Oracle three-tier architecture, Tianyun Gao was able to reduce system latency by an incredible 90%.

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao took part in several other programming projects that utilized C/C++/C#, such as automated testing tools used for the FX and Rates trading system, an international back-end clearing system, and a back-end intranet management system used for onshore China-to-New York trading and investment. She helped increase data transfer efficiency by using Unix Shell Scripting for compression, partitioning, and transferring enormous amounts of data.

Tianyun Gao not only contributed to the Bank of Communications’ IT department, but also served as a financial trainee by working alongside finance professionals. Tianyun Gao assisted the senior quantitative trader and analyst by providing investment recommendations based off of research and risk management assessments of the exchange rate for FX G-10 products. She also was involved in the development of brand new online financial analysis tools and web applications that are being used by financial advisers and clients of the Bank of Communications. Tianyun Gao also found the time to remain up to date on company policy and the different products offered by the Bank of Communication by continuously reading internal regulation documents as they were updated.


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