Tianyun Gao: All About the Cloud

Tianyun Gao is a business systems analyst who is currently working for Cloudeeva, a cloud technology company that is poised to become a global leader in cloud computing.

At Cloudeeva, Tianyun Gao has reproduced Oracle schema objects includes tables, temporary tables, views, materialized views, indexes, triggers, procedures, functions, packages based on customer requirement and system upgrade.

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

She has also queried real-time data using complex queries on Oracle and MSSQL server databases to provide meter read data, information to manage network and web reporting, and used UNIX shell scripting to do a variety of tasks.

As Tianyun Gao knows, Cloudeeva’s information technologies solutions cover cloud computing, social media, mobility, infrastructure management, big data, business intelligence and data warehousing segments. As a Cloudeeva business analyst, she is a vital link between the firm’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives; she is a skilled business analyst who makes an important contribution to the profitability of the company.

Tianyun Gao understands that many people are unsure of just what the cloud is. The term is increasingly common. She says that in the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet, instead of the historically conventional way of storing and accessing it on a computer’s hard drive.

The cloud, she says, is really just a metaphor for the Internet. Computer applications have always been complicated and expensive, especially business applications. But Tianyun Gao says that with cloud computing, users can avoid the headaches because they aren’t managing hardware and software because it’s in the cloud. The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility. Users only pay for what they need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy.


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