Tianyun Gao: Student at Bridgeport University

Tianyun Gao is a business systems analyst who received her education at the University of Bridgeport and Jilin University, a leading national university in China.

The University of Bridgeport is a private, independent, non-sectarian, coeducational university. It is located on the Long Island Sound in the South End neighborhood of Bridgeport, Connecticut. At the University of Bridgeport, Tianyun Gao studied Electrical Engineering, alternative energy, distributed systems, and network security.

While she was a student at the University of Bridgeport, Tianyun Gao won the Graduate Assistant Award in 2008, and participated in the National Hydrogen Student Design contest in 2008-2009. The Hydrogen Student Design Contest challenges multi-disciplinary teams of university students to apply their creativity and academic skills in the areas of design, engineering, economics, environmental science, business and marketing to the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. Tianyun Gaos team ranked an impressive sixth in the United States.

As an electrical engineering student, Tianyun Gao was a volunteer at the American Society for Engineering Education conference in 2009, where she assisted in guest reception at the Wahlstrom Library at the University of Bridgeport. Tianyun Gao has a student membership in the ASEE and the Society of Women Engineers association. Tianyun Gao also served as a lab monitor in the Univesity of Bridgeport computer lab during the 2008-2009 school year.

Before enrolling at the University of Bridgeport, Tianyun Gao was a student at Jilin University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. Jilin University has research projects in automobile engineering, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering and biology.


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