Tianyun Gao: A Dedicated and Studious Academic

In order to properly develop and build a successful professional career in technology, one must often times pursue the rigors and challenges of a quality education. For tech professional Tianyun Gao, this translated into numerous hours of research during her student tenure at the University of Bridgeport.
She attended Bridgeport from 2008 to 2010, receiving a high-quality Electrical Engineering education that has proven to be very useful during her tech career.

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao expressed multiple and varied research interests at Bridgeport, focusing on multiple areas of academic research and study during her student tenure. Each subject she studied has played an important part during specific stages of her blossoming career; a career that continues to show promise, and to blossom. Tianyun Gao participated in and performed multiple research projects at the University of Bridgeport, each of which has had a positive and enduring impact on her career. Her research efforts have helped to increase her knowledge of and build her expertise in both technology and business.

Some of the subjects that Tianyun Gao studied include Energy Harvesting using Patch Array for Wireless Sensors, the study of Green Buildings with Hydrogen and solar energy and the Vehicle Ad Hoc Network Transfer Mode Switcher. Though she earnestly studied subjects involving the field of Alternative Energy, Tianyun Gao she had also continually shown an enthusiastic interest in the field of technology, particularly the need to learn more about computer system technology and analysis. Many of her research interests and projects at Bridgeport had a strong focus on the field of technology. Some of these subjects included QoS Analysis based on MPLS Technology, Cross Layer Design for Wireless Networks and an Enforcement System Architecture for Security of Interconnection of Social Network Applications. Tianyun Gao’s varied and extensive history of study interests has provided her with a strong set of technological skills, as well as a burgeoning career built on extensive achievement and academic knowledge.


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