Tianyun Gao Always Strives to Meet Her Company’s Goals

Tianyun Gao has earned her strong and long-held reputation as a quality business technology professional through an unrelenting commitment to hard-work, company dedication and extensive tech expertise. As a recent employee of Cloudeeva, Inc., Tianyun Gao proved herself to be highly knowledgeable and well-trained business systems analyst; someone with the skills and the ability to provide her company with unsurpassed analytical prowess and indispensable tech expertise.

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao

Tianyun Gao most recently employer was New Jersey-based Cloudeeva, Inc., which benefitted greatly from her professionalism and skilled services as a business systems analyst. She was employed with Cloudeeva, Inc. from April 2013 to September 2013, and provided a myriad of technical services to the Cloudeeva team. These included, but weren’t limited to, the reproduction of Oracle schema objects that involved tables, temporary tables, indexes, triggers, functions, materialized views, temporary tables, procedures and packages based on customer requirement and system upgrades. Tianyun Gao’s Cloudeeva responsibilities also covered using Unix shell scripting to perform process operation, job scheduling, batch data loading and system resources checking, as well as querying real time data through the use of complex queries Oracle and MSSQL server DB.

Tianyun Gao was previously employed by Canon USA, Inc. from March 2012 to March 2013. Serving in the capacity of business systems analyst, Tianyun Gao’s duties at Canon USA covered the reproduction and review of ASP code of the Mercury System web application, the development of the Oracle Database, and the development of Canon’s Mercury Back-end systems for data transfer. She delivered the Canon team with quality service during her brief tenure, service that helped to improve both Canon’s efficiency and effectiveness.


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